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We will be racing on the full Silverstone F1 GP circuit on Saturday the 28th October. The Birkett 6 Hr relay. Come along and say hi. Its a good watch, massive field 2-300 cars (70 cars normally out at once).

Race car has been given a suitably wacky colour for this event, follow us on our Facebook page for the progress 🙂

UK Distributor for Full Dip. UK’s largest independent fully authorised PlastiDip® Re Seller

European Distributor for the ProHSE – THE gun for compressor setups to spray ANY liquid wraps

Working in partnership with Earlex / Wagner 

UK distributor for Tyre Pens

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Starter Kits
Please read ALL the information on the ‘Starter Kit’ page before choosing your kit / emailing calling in

When you email in, we need to know the car, make, model, colour it is and colour you wish to go to. Without this information we won’t reply as there is no point.

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UK’s biggest independent PlastiDip® Supplier for over 4 years.
Not just PlastiDip® though. ANYTHING to do with peelable paint

We will beat any genuine like for like price you can find

Beware of copiers claiming to be ‘Authorised re-sellers’ etc

There are a few, check with the relevant sites they claim to be authorised from to see if they are actually authorised before you part with your cash

TVR Tamora dipped in blue first (3 litres then 5 litres dipPLUS), followed by 5l satin mix the 2x plum crazy tinters added. Looks really nice in the sun 🙂

Posted by Matt-Pack on Monday, 21 September 2015

How tough is plastidip? Put enough on and it pretty strong! Don't use enough or use the copies and it's pretty difficult to remove

Posted by Matt-Pack on Thursday, 3 December 2015